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Migrate from many existing platforms to Storebase

Storebase Platform Migration

Ecommerce platform migrations are more than a product transfer

Have a current ecommerce store? Storebase migration services assist with maintaining your products, customers, orders and content between platforms. Incorrectly handled migrations can cost store owners customers and future sales if details are missed. With Storebase’s range of store migration services we can migrate your store from the majority of ecommerce platforms.


Ecommerce Platform Migrations


Magento 1.X

Magento 2.X







Lightspeed Ecom

X Cart

Ecommerce Solution Planning & Architecture

Every store migration is different and should never be treated the same. We extensively audit your current ecommerce store and map out any additional data, changes and features specific to your store. Once the audit is complete we will then architect a solution and migration strategy that suits your business.

Pre-migration consultation

Migration path planning

Assessment of existing store's data set

Assessment of existing store's functionality

Assessment of any impact on external third-party systems

Formulation of any additional migration requirements

Migration timelines and scheduling

Data Migration & Launch

Once a migration strategy has been approved we will then start the process of migrating your store to Storebase! To ensure the migration runs as expected we will provide a staging test store for you to view your migrated data and approve the store for launch.

Migration staging environment

Modifying and mapping source data

Data migration testing

Application testing

Final migration and site launch

Migration health check