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Your business is unique — your store design should be too

We understand that not every business or product is the same. Differentiation is key to getting your brand and product recognised in a crowded marketplace. Storebase offers a range of customisation features and services to get you started.


Optimised for mobile

Mobile is now rapidly becoming the primary device on which all transactions and internet usage take place. A poorly designed mobile store can negatively affect your brand and lead to lost sales. All Storebase themes are optimised with mobile commerce in mind.

Optimised for mobile
Place your content

Place content where you want

Use the powerful widget system to place static or dynamic content anywhere your store. Banners, carousels, products, links, or custom HTML content can be targeted and displayed on any page, giving you the flexibility you need.

Designed to your specifications

As part of our on-boarding package, all Storebase customers gain access to our store setup and design services. We’ll point you in the right direction with a customisable responsive store theme. Switch between a multitude of page, header, and footer layouts styled to suit your brand.

Apply your own CSS

If you require additional customisation, apply custom style changes to your store with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code overrides from the store admin panel.

Apply your own CSS