B2B selling

Business-to-business ecommerce solutions for vendors

With 93% of B2B buyers preferring to buy online, self-service B2B commerce is rapidly becoming popular. Provide your B2B customers with the convenience that consumers have come to know and love. Storebase includes a range of features to cater for the complexities of B2B transactions.


Handle complex product catalogues and promotions

We understand B2B commerce comes with a lot of additional challenges, with average cart size and order value increasing considerably in comparison to direct to consumer based transactions. Bundling of products, complex tiered pricing and inventory are just a few of the scenarios faced when dealing directly with business. With Storebase you can adapt your catalogue as needed.

Customer Groups

Multi-location Inventory

Tiered Pricing

Complex Product Types

Catalogue & Cart Promotional Rules

Purchase Ordering

Store access as required

Coming Soon

Unlike traditional business to consumer (B2C) commerce the majority of B2B merchants require full control of how product information, pricing and ordering functionality is shown at every stage. Storebase includes catalogue permissions and account options out of the box so you can control how guest and account customers interact with your store.

Account Approval / Activation

Catalogue Only (Hide prices and cart actions)

Restrict Product from checkout

Restrict by Customer Group

Restrict by Category

Force Customer Login