Optimise your

product catalogue

Build a better product catalogue to increase sales

Product information is a key aspect of any well-converting online store. Storebase’s product catalogue system provides all the tools and features to grow your online sales.


Catalogue and sell any kind of product

Physical, digital, size, colour, groups, or bundles: Storebase can catalogue any type of product. Manage your product variations all in the one place with Storebase’s powerful product-cataloguing system, which can adapt and help you sell your product the way you want.

simple products

Simple Products

Products without options

Configurable products

Configurable Products

Products with options
(size or colour variations)

Grouped Products

Grouped Products

Multiple standalone products presented as a group (dinnerware, furniture sets)

Bundled Products

Bundled Products

Customisable product bundles (hampers, computer systems)

Virtual Products

Virtual Products

Products that are digital
(tickets, memberships)

Downloadable Products

Downloadable Products

Products that are digital files
(software, music, or ebooks)


Increase product discoverablility with filtering

Improve conversion and help customers discover the product they’re looking for with product attributes. Attributes are an effective way of allowing customers to filter down a large range of products, turning a sea of choices into a handful of potential options.

Pictures speak louder than words

Provide your customers with the full visual experience. Populate products with rich media content to bring the in-store experience to their screen.


Manage and display a gallery of multiple product images so customers can see the product from every angle.


Videos provide a ‘feel’ for the product that descriptions or static images cannot convey. Manage and embed video content from YouTube to help sell your product.


Visualise your product options with swatches. Attach image or colour swatches to your product options to assist customers with a faster selection process.

Import Export products


Editing products one by one is tedious at best. Manage your product and customer data more efficiently in bulk with the built-in import and export functionality via CSV files.