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We understand not one businesses identity and operations are identical. This is why Storebase has been built from the ground up with the features to adapt and achieve a ecommerce solution that fits your business.

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Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Integration with your existing business management systems is integral to automate your businesses workflow. Point of Sale, CRM, ERP, PIM or Accounting systems are the engine room of every business big or small so connecting and keeping these systems in sync with your online store is a must.

Omni-channel Retailing

Pay per click (PPC) and marketplaces, get your products in front of customers on any channel. Customers now research and shop for products across a multitude of locations. Build a presence and increase sales from advertising products on multiple channels.

Omni-channel Retailing
B2B Commerce

B2B Ecommerce

Business-to-business ecommerce solutions for vendors. With 93% of B2B buyers preferring to buy online, self-service B2B commerce is rapidly becoming the preferred model. Provide your B2B customers with the convenience that consumers have come to know and love. Storebase includes a range of features to cater for the complexities of B2B transactions.

Mobile Commerce

Provide a mobile first shopping experience for your customers. Customers now make more of their purchasing decisions while on a mobile device than sitting in front of a personal computer. Optimisation for mobile performance, touch interactions and smaller screen sizes is essential to any mobile ecommerce solution.

Global Ecommerce

Global Ecommerce

Expanding globally comes with a range of challenges when selling internationally. Currency conversion, language translation and regional policies are just some of the hurdles when expanding your online presence beyond your home market. Move into international markets with the required tools are your disposal.


Different segments, different features

Different types of products require tools and features catering to each products' attributes. Selling a shirt is not the same as selling a laptop — each requires different visuals, descriptions and option selection methods to help the customer decide which product is right for them. Storebase has the ability to cater to the majority of use cases no matter the retail segment.


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