Ship and fulfill

customer orders

Seamless shipping with all the options that you need

Streamlining your shipping and fulfilment process is integral to the success of your online store. Storebase offers all the options you need to get your product from your store to your customer.


Give your sales a boost by offering Free Shipping

There isn’t a customer out there who doesn’t appreciate Free Shipping. You can control your Free Shipping threshold. One way to implement this is via promotions qualifying your customers for Free Shipping. It’s even been found that shoppers will add more to their cart purely to qualify for Free Shipping, thus increasing the average value of your orders.

Free Shipping

Manage your shipping costs via calculated shipping and carriers

Storebase has fully integrated StarshipIT, Australia’s most trusted integrated shipping and tracking software. StarshipIT optimises your fulfilment process by allowing you to create rules for location, weight, and size while also using multiple carriers such as Australia Post, Startrack, DHL, Toll, and Fastway. Gone are the days of blanket shipping rates. Accurate and live postage-rate calculation is now available with StarshipIT — no more manual calculation, which saves you time and gives your customers a seamless checkout experience.

Click and Collect

Give your customers the option of Click and Collect

Oftentimes, your customers won’t want to wait for their items to be shipped. Implementing Click and Collect allows them to purchase online and pick up in-store when convenient.

Multi-location inventory for accurate stock levels

One of the biggest ecommerce mistakes is selling a product you don’t have in stock. Storebase’s multi-location inventory prevents this from happening by tracking inventory updates and fulfilment across multiple locations.

Multi location inventory
Label Generation

Save time with shipping label generation

StarshipIT generates shipping and return labels with one click, making your shipping process more efficient for both you and your customer.