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Feed products to multiple channels

Manage and promote shopping campaigns on external pay-per-click (PPC) and marketplace channels. Connecting your store to external platforms is fundamental to effectively targeting campaigns at potential customers and increasing sales. With Storebase’s built-in feed manager (coming soon), you get the tools necessary to turn your product data into rich product listings that make shoppers want to click.

Google Shopping

Feed Optimisation

Ensuring your store's product data complies with listing requirements of external pay per click (PPC) and marketplaces can be quite a large undertaking. Modify and enhance your product data feeds with additional attributes and rules to improve shopping campaign performance and listing approval rates.

Stay up-to-date

Keep product listings up-to-date and avoid wasting valuable advertising budget. Control how often your product feeds are updated to ensure product information and availability are current.

Stay up to date

Custom Feeds

Have an external advertising channel that isn’t listed? Create a custom shopping feed to advertise on any external pay per click (PPC) or marketplace.